This is the original band of the new Tesseract vocalist, Ashe O’hara. Beyond that, Voices From The Fuselage are an amazing musical unit in their own right. Hailing from the UK, this band provides an intelligently composed, creative, melodic brand of Progressive Metal that is most definitely worth your full attention. This is evinced through their debut EP “To Hope” and most recent single “Aqueous”.

And the good news is, Voices From The Fuselage will continue doing what they do and Ashe will remaintheir vocalist despite his full-time involvement with Tesseract. “We shall be carrying on as normal just writing online as we always have and playing gigs occasionally.”

Further good news is that their single “Aqueous” is availible for free download and the EP is incredibly cheap! Sample both of the above, below. Then go grab the greatness on the official VFTF Bandcamp!




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