Brace yourselves because there’s a new incredible band coming from the deepest waters of the ocean, from the heart of the Earth, or better from Paris, France! Atlantis Chronicles is an incredibly talented and creative five-piece band putting together Death, Metalcore and Progressive elements in a devastating metal mix.

Formerly known as “ABYSS”, the band changed its name in 2010 for copyright reasons and at the same time added a new member as lead singer. They released a free Ep in 2009 entitled “Against The Sea” and now they are ready to unleash their debut full-length album “Ten Miles Underwater”. It is going to a be a concept album about the story of William Beebe, the first major undersea explorer of history: in 1934 he went down to a depth of 923 meters near the Nonsuch Island, inside a single-seater bathysphere mostly designed on his own. He explored the frightening and nevertheless fascinating flora and fauna of the dephts of the ocean, immersed into a complete darkness. Because of the high pressure and claustrophobia William will start to lose his mental balance and to confuse reality and hallucinations. The band will bring us to discover the unbelievable creatures of the unexplored abyss, leading us to the borders of the known world in a magical and unpredictable musical trip.

Their sound is really impressive and every member brings his great amount of talent and creativity to this musical pattern, made of dreaming and touching melodies, powerful riffage and amazing guitar solos. You absolutely need to check out their new beautiful music video for the song “Thousands Carybdea” which features some really cool and unique guitar skills (and design too!) among with the lyric video for the song “Echoes Of Silence” and a cool studio diary. The album is scheduled to release on March 4th via Coroner Records and pre-orders are now available only at the Coroner Records official store. So, what else do you need? Just dive into their music and get ready for this incredible adventure!


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