The Assassin’s Creed is strong in this one. Arising from San Francisco, CA – ÆNIMUS deliver an extra riffy, groovy take on Techincal Deathcore. Maintaining a high level of intensity, they shred and slam through every track like a bunch of pros. The music is very impressive. Already sponsored by EMG Pickups, Halo Guitars, and Saluda Cymbals among others and managed through RebelPyro, things are most certainly looking up for these guys.

So far they have released a great three song demo, but they’re looking to make a much bigger debut. The band currently has a full-length album in the works. You should definitely watch out for that. What’s more, if you like them on Facebook, you can grab two tracks FOR FREE on their BandPage. That’s a sweet deal if I’ve ever seen one. Sample some tracks below along with a studio update and show ÆNIMUS some love!

Links: Facebook // Merch // Bandcamp