This is one of those news that blends together epicness and sadness. It’s strange, but that’s exactly what Bleeding Through’s devoted fans will feel like during the band’s last tour ever. After 14 years running and 7 albums released, this Metalcore band announced they will break up after a farewell tour.

There’s no fight between the band members, they just know that some of them grew up, got married, had children and they feel like they can’t work full-time anymore. But they still want to share their music with their fans for one more time.

They will be hitting Europe and the UK in April with two other great bands to support them: This Or The Apocalypse and Hand Of Mercy. Check out the tour dates on the flyer by Avocado Booking and go buy your ticket if you love this great band! Meanwhile you can head bang to some of Bleeding Through’s classics below and a few songs from the supporting acts \m/


Links: Bleeding Through Facebook // Twitter // iTunes
This Or The Apocalypse Facebook // Twitter // iTunes
Hand Of Mercy Facebook // Twitter // iTunes