I’ve been following this band for quite some time now and they have never disappointed me. Illidiance describe themselves as cyber metal. In other words, they play an industrial metal/trancecore style with cyberpunk elements. 

They formed in 2000 as S.C.A.R.D. and ended up chaning their name to Illidiance in 2004. Since then they have released 3 albums along with several EPs and demos, evolving from their early black metal influence to a more metalcore/melodeath sound till their latest single “Neon Rebel”, released in 2012. 

Their last full-length album “Damage Theory” (2010) is definitely a must-listen if you’re a fan of dark sci-fi atmospheres and cold Russian sounds. This band is able to bring fast and shattering musical assaults on one hand while being catchy and melodic with their clean choruses on the other. This combined with sharp and well-defined synths makes for an interesting sound

The good news is they’re working on a new album to be released this year. This is definitely something to look forward to! So give a listen to some of their recent tunes and get stroked for their new stuff if you enjoy what you‘re hearing! 


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