Towering, crushing, futuristic, Death Metal. There’s a massive sound coming out of Portugal. The dynamic team of Dirk Verbeuren (Aborted, Devin Townsend, Soilwork) wrecking the kit and Max Tomé delivering huge guitar work alongside guttural death chants has yielded impressive results. Together, they are Colosso. Their debut record “Abrasive Peace” is an enjoyable, quality descent into mental chaos. On top of this, it was independently released through both physical copies and a “name your own price” download on Bandcamp. Support DIY artists \m/

This is the soundtrack to a futuristic war scene. The delivery is god damn brutal. There’s huge scale sound on every track through well placed blast beats and technical guitar work among other elements. This is further emphasized by their use of massive atmospheres that your mind will get lost in. I would say the atmosphere is used as a catalyst surrounding the brutal onslaught of the guitar and drum work, bringing the elements together in such an awesome way. There is a good bit of experimentation both through the mind bending technicality and the overall presentation of the music. Colosso does a great job on all fronts.

Every track has an interesting message to deliver through the united theme of the steamrolling, modern onslaught. “The Epiphany” even spells it out for you right and the end. The entire track list provides original, heavy music worth your while. Some of my favorites would have to be “Thou Shalt Not Be Benevolent”, the opener “Anthem To Chaos”, “In Turmoil”, “Demolish To Rebuild”, and the epic ender “Unplugged From The World”. Give them all a good listen \m/

There isn’t much wrong with “Abrasive Peace”. It does follow a similar formula throughout and objectively, it won’t be everyones cup of tea, but most serious metalheads should enjoy the aural attacks brought by Colosso. Great stuff.

To conclude, Colosso did a downright awesome job constructing their debut full-length. This small group has managed to make a huge sound intent on echoing throughout the metal underground. I highly recommend you give “Abrasive Peace” a listen or three. And on top of everything else, these are just some cool dudes with a good work ethic worthy of attention. I’m blasting the CD as I type. If you have heavy taste buds you should Bandcamp it and do the same!

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