Milan has been covered by snow but tonight we had a hot as hell metal show to warm our bodies and minds. The show actually took place in a really nice venue in Seregno, a small town a bit out of Milan.  

Destrage is one of the Italian bands I am most proud of. And if you don’t know them, you have to check out their crazy, technical math/weird/core music. Especially their sophomore album “The King Is Fat ‘n Old” (2010, Coroner Records), which followed their debut release “Urban Being” (2009, Coroner Records), a way more trash and death influenced album. These guys earned their success in the Italian metal scene and also far abroad playing at Euroblast 8, Mair1 Festival in 2012, and also an entire tour in Japan. 


Back in Seregno, they were supported by two very talented and technical local bands: Anewrage and Blast My Requiem. They were both largely approved by the audience as they both delivered impressive performances. Especially the second act, Blast My Requiem, who were supported by a large number of enthusiastic fans and friends coming from the same town where the concert took place. A lot of furious moshing and long-haired headbanging took place during their set. The band’s technical deathcore sound really impressed me even though it was the first time i saw them live. Give ’em a listen! \m/ 


And now it’s time for the headliners. Destrage arrived here for the closing event of their Italian “This Tour Is Fat ‘n Old” venture and the venue was almost completely full for them. They were introduced by a very funny sampled speech which brought in their first song “Panda Vs Koala”. Their explosive live presence took the audience by storm immediately and triggered another seriously intense wave of moshing. The show went on as a positive and hilarious party through the most known songs off “The King Is Fat ‘n Old”, such as “Neverending May”, “Twice The Price”, “Back Door Epoque”, “Wayout”, “Double Yeah”, “Tip Of The Day”, “Home Made Chili Delicious Italian Beaf”, and others but they also played some of their older tracks such as “Art For Free”. Drummer Federico Paulovich did an amazing drum solo in the middle of the show. And before they played “Collateral Pleasure” the band announced that they’re currently in the final stages of recording their third studio album. They ended the show with their biggest success “Jade’s Place” which finished the concert with a funny and colourful performance crowning this memorable night. 
If you didn’t know Destrage, you need to check out their music and get stoked for their new album! Also stay tuned ’cause we have a load of incoming live reports for you all in the following month!

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