Diablo Swing Orchestra is a phenomenal experimental-metal band. Numbering at 8 members to bring a large and unique variety of instruments (two guitars, bass, drums, synths, a cello, a trombone, and a trumpet!), they put together avant-grade metal through a number of different musical influences ranging from swing, blues, and jazz to various musical traditions from all over the world. They also include electronic, classical, and symphonic metal stylings. And to put the final touch in this weird musical cocktail, they’re fronted by a female soprano singer!

They formed back in 2003 and gained popularity thanks to their amazing live performances. They especially spread through several European festivals such as Belgium’s Metal Female Voices Fest, Germany’s Summer Breeze Open Air Festival, and Czech Republic’s Brutal Assault Festival. They even ended up playing Wacken Open Air Festival in summer 2012. All of that being said, they’re even more popular in Latin America.

After two albums (“The Butcher’s Ballrom” released in 2006, and “Sing Along Songs for the Damned & Delirious” released in 2009), their latest release “Pandora’s Pinata” (what a perfect title) came out in May of 2012. It’s the definitive crowning achievement of this artistic project. Every single song features an influence from a different music tradition, bringing a unique flavor and perspective to their music. This is a vivid, intense, and sparkling musical experience you just can’t miss.

And if you’re wondering where is this surprising creativity coming from…well, that’s pretty obvious: Sweden! Oh my sweet Sweden, what is the magical source of all your prodigious musical creations?

If you enjoyed what’s been done by bands like Twelve Foot Ninja, Thank You Scientist, Ne Obliviscaris or Novallo – you are going to love Diablo Swing Orchestra and their insane music! Last month, a music video for the song “Black Box Messiah” appeared on their YouTube channel. A lyric video for “Vodoo Mon Amour” was also posted last year. Check ’em out below along with some more amazing songs and keep an eye on this amazing orchestra!

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