“Failure In Vanity is a project for the sake of open-mindedness. We enjoy pushing the boundaries of our music, always in the process of evolution with our songwriting and instrumentation. We write our music to tell our story.”

This New Jersey five-piece has a spark behind their music. The kind of spark that could cause a fire throughout the metal world. Failure in Vanity is a very talented, technical Metalcore unit with a very heavy, Progressive mindset and strong messages to boot.

They released their incredible 7 song EP, “We The People”, last year and are working on a new album as we speak. Currently the band is offering up “We The People” for a FREE DOWNLOAD. Grab it right here. These are full-price quality songs for free! You won’t come across a deal much better than this. Sample the great music below and be sure to support the band if you enjoy!

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