Mekanism is a Finnish melodic modern metal band delivering some really cool stuff. They play quality music while managing to make it accessible to a larger, mainstream audience. Mekanism deliver a sharp and modern hard rock sound that strikes immediately for some memorable, melodic choruses and driving songs. They’re also able to be really extreme and aggressive if necessary, in a perfect Scandinavian style! 

This five-piece musical team released two EPs so far.”Cicatrized” came out in March of 2011 featuring 3 tracks and “Unearth The Unknown”, which was released in May 2012, featuring 6 tracks. The awesome thing is the band is offering them both for a “name-your-price” download on their Bandcamp. That’s a load of amazing free music! 

It’s also some really massive music. Immersed into an icy Finnish atmosphere and warmed by fiery metal riffs. They also bring a small pop sensibility to make the whole thing more attractive and efficient. This band is definitely trying to take the world by storm and their recipe will likely gain them some good popularity, especially through the internet. 

You can watch below their music videos for the songs “Death Is The Bottom Line”, off of thier first EP “Cicatrized”, and “On The Edge” from “Unearth The Unknown”. Check em out and go download their material on Bandcamp, and if you like what you hear give them some money!