I wanted to give a shout out to a djentleman from my countryis name is Pasquale Grimaldi (aka “Red”)from Modena, Italy. He started out as an instrumental one-man band project, bringing some really nice djent riffs with the help and production from his mate Francesco Pini. They just released a single “Khepera”, which is available for free download at their Soundcloud page or for a name-your-price download on their Bandcamp page.

The song will be featured in the first self-released EP “Balanced” which will feature 8 tracks and should be out in June. Pasquale is currently composing the last two songs. The EP will be a concept as four of the songs will be about the four fundamental elements of the Earth. He is also currently looking for a vocalist who can deliver both screams and clean vocals on some of the songs, so if you think you have the skills, go contact him! His song bring together djent and progressive elements with some good guitar work which might remind you of Periphery’s most recent stuff. So give a listen to Homeostasis Of Universe’s first single “Khepera” and go show him some love on his Facebook page!


Links: Facebook // Soundcloud // Bandcamp