Time for a history lesson: it all started in Milton Keynes back in 2003 when six amazing musicians started a band called Fellsilent. Among them you might recognize names like John Browne (Guitar) and Neema Askari (one of the two vocalists). It was a modern tech-metal project bringing together influences from Sikth and Meshuggah among others. In 2008 they released their first and only album “The Hidden Words” via Basick Records but soon they broke up after several line up changings.

Browne and Askari started a new project with guitarist Olly Steele, bassist Adam Swan, drummer Mike Malyan, and a second vocalist Greg Pope. In fact some of you might remember a little Djent masterpiece called “We Are The Foundation”. It was Monuments’ debut EP and it featured 3 amazing song: “Admit Defeat”, “The Uncollective” and “Memoirs”. It all seemed to be perfect but in May 2011 Monuments parted ways with both vocalists and started looking for a new front man. After a long time, Matt Rose joined the band to bring his epic vocals in Monuments’ debut full-leight release “Gnosis”.

After a long period of silence Neema has now released a new solo track called “Helix”. It’s a sort of rapcore-influenced song. Way more melodic than Fellsilent and Monuments’ early material but it features some really nice Djenty riffs. Right now the mix is pretty raw but the song and the lyrics are really solid and it seems like Neema might have some nice ideas for a new project that might end up growing fast. “Helix” is featured on It Djents’ YouTube channel and on Neema’s Soundcloud. As we wait for more you can jam some of Monuments early stuff and Fellsilent’s video clip for the song “Immerse”.


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