So many condiments here… Well, it has finally arrived. Periphery have released a new music video for the song “Scarlet”, the second single off their sophomore album “Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal”. The song is known for being one of the most melodic tracks on the album, but also among the most appreciated by fans.

The video is completely different from anything you may have been expecting. Our heroes are now facing adventures, tortures, binges, and vengeance on the weirdest mustard spaceship you have ever seen. It might look stupid and bizarre but if you compare it with the song and especially the lyrics, you might try to guess it’s deepest meaning. At least I hope it has one. Well, I’ve got my interpretations… Check out the video clip below!

And don’t forget Periphery is performing at Soundwave Festival, doing a couple of shows with Crossfaith in Australia, touring the US with Deftones, and touring Europe with Tesseract ans Syqem. Good times on the way!


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