Plague of Ashitaka is an extreme Technical Death Metal band with some Black Metal elements hailing from the UK. They’ve been spreading their insane brand of heaviness ever since 2008, becoming quite notable in the UK metal underground and spreading further in some cases. Every member brings next level talent and technical aptitude to the table, making Plague of Ashitaka a very strong metal unit.

Most recently, they released “I: Elder Luminaries”, a critically acclaimed album described as “a 2-part inception written over the last few years since the release of their highly acclaimed EP. Casting listeners with an unstoppable force of sculpted complexity, impeccable artistry and calculating lyrical content, Plague of Ashitaka’s new concept will quite literally create a spasm of seismic proportions upon first listen. From the blasts of manic guitar-work and black-metal-worthy bellows, through to the creatively wrapped black metal riffage, their new release is proving to impress critics and fans alike.”

You check out the music video for “Onyx Scroll” below and buy the album along with some merch right here. Stay metal my friends.

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