As the Golden God awards slowly approach, we here at The Circle Pit want to help you decide who to cast your vote for in each of the categories. Sure, you have your own mind (we hope) but maybe we can help if you’re stuck between voting for a band that’s your secret guilty pleasure and a band that actually deserves to win. And the nominees are…
Comeback Of The Year
Tenacious D
The Darkness
Fe’s Predictions
The bands in this category are one that show it doesn’t matter how old you are, as long as you still have rock and roll in your heart, you can still play music.
All of the bands have had welcoming comebacks with their respective fanbases but it all boils down to how large and computer literate their fan base is (kidding!). While Aerosmith has the largest number of likes on Facebook as well as time under their belts, popularity only goes so far. Yes, their album was a solid release but so were the other albums from the other five acts in the category. 
It will definitely be between Aerosmith and Soundgarden. The Seattle based rockers in Soundgarden were pioneers in the prog rock genre and Aerosmith is obviously a huge influence on many in the rock scene.

Mike Thall’s Predictions
This is a tough decision… Not exactly metal, but most of the bands are straight up classics. I agree with Fe because I’m betting Aerosmith or Soundgarden will take home the prize. It would also be rad to see Quicksand, Refused, or even Tenacious D win.

Song Of The Year
“Carry On” Avenged Sevenfold
“Run Free” Asking Alexandria
“In The End” Black Veil Brides
“I Ejaculate Fire” Dethklok
“Love Bites (So Do I)” Halestorm
“Blood” In This Moment
Fe’s Predictions
First off, Black Veil Brides go away. Revolver, please keep them out of your awards shows we are begging you. The little scene girls ruin everyone else’s chances. 
Second, this category features a majority of mainstream bands. That’s the thing though, they contribute to the most sales of songs and playtime on everyone’s iPhones. While Avenged Sevenfold and Halestorm both had great years, their sound stays the same. 
In This Moment and Dethklock have the upper hand with how heavy their tracks are compared to their competition. But will their talent override scene kid obsessions Black Veil Brides or Asking Alexandria?  
Well, “Run Free” actually shows some growth from Asking Alexandria. But here’s to hoping In This Moment wins over them. I’m obviously all for girl power.

Mike Thall’s Predictions
Wow… this is a shit category. I’m gonna have to give it to the hilarious / super talented Dethklok with I EJACULATE FIRE. Because a mummy ejaculating fire on everything and everyone is the most metal thing I’ve ever seen. And if you aren’ts metal, you ams dildos.