This is one we needed to bring by popular demand. One day I opened up The Circle Pit’s e-mail to find 20-30 messages saying we NEED to listen to this band Sapphires. They are an international Metalcore / Post-Hardcore collaboration drawing together musicians from several countries (Russia, Germany, and Belarus to name a few). So why the hell not? I watched the band’s lyric video for their brand new single, “Carriers”, which I ended up enjoying. The video was awesome and well constructed to compliment the driving heaviness of the song. You can watch it right here. And rumor had it there were a few more songs out by theses guys.

And the rumors were true. Sapphires just dropped a four song mini-EP “Carriers” not too long ago. All in all, it’s a solid offering. Musically, they don’t give into many cliches of a staling scene. They drop in and out of heaviness and melody with purpose and direction, yet leave you guessing at what may come next. You can stream the entire release down below. Better yet, you can download all songs for the price of your choice on the official Sapphires Bandcamp!

Links: Facebook // VK // Bandcamp