Here’s a treat for all the instrumental prog-heads out there. In the same vein with musical acts such as Chimp Spanner, Scartographer has been exploring through several musical dimensions using instrumental force. Providing all the groove, rhythm, and taste two ears could possibly want, it’s highly recommended you get some Scartographer in your life. This is an impressive one man band powered by guitarist / producer Tyler Blair. He has been tirelessly spreading his music across the world from Portland, Oregan and things are only looking up for him.

He got signed to the awesome Rogue Records America through his own musical determination and they’re already doing great things together. Most recently, Scartographer released an epic full-length album entitled “Horizon” last year. You can stream the entire thing below and if it moves you, buy it right here! Amazing music!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // Rogue Records America