We introduced you to this Irish band just a few weeks ago and now they’re releasing some new incredible material! Shattered Skies just dropped their new music video for a new song called “15 Minutes”, delivering some new djent epicness! It’s a groovy track with a hard-hitting riffage, amazing melodies and flawless clean vocals. 

These guys have already shown us their outstanding talent with their previous EP “Reanimation” (available for free!), the rewrites of “Pianomation”, and the single “Saviours” proving they’re one of the best unisigned bands out there. 
But this amazing progressive metal single is not coming alone. “15 Minutes” is going to be featured on Shattered Skies debut full-length album “The World We Used To Know” which should be released sometime this year! So stay tuned ’cause we will be posting an album preview for this new record when more details are announced. 
They’ve also planned some cool shows in April, supporting The Algorithm (4th April in Guildford, and 5th April in London), and at the HRH Prog Festival with Tesseract, Hawkwind, It Bites and more (6th April in Rotherham). So give a listen to their new single and jam some of their older grooves as we wait for some new details on the new album!