Rumors have been confirmed. After all members except for guitarist Al Mu’min left the band last month, The |HAARP| Machine will be touring Europe with Born Of Osiris, After The Burial, and Monuments with a new line up. It must have been really hard to replace an incredible vocalist like Mike Semesky, and two amazing musicians like Ollie Rooney (Bass) and Alex Rudinger (Drums), but it seems like Al Mu’min has found a way to build a new line up in the end.

Chris Barretto (Ex-Periphery, Ever Forthright, Friend For A Foe) decided to give up Friend for a Foe, one of his present projects, to join The |HAARP| Machine for their forthcoming European tour. Ever Forthright guitarist Nick Llerandi will also join The |HAARP| Machine for these shows. Neither have been confirmed as an official new member of the band. So we can’t say if they will ever work together again after the tour, but Barretto’s vocals will probably fit very well with the songs of “Disclosure”.

You can check out the tour preview here with the flyer, tour dates, etc. We should be posting a report for one of the European tour dates next month. So stay tuned because we’ll let you know if it actually works! In the mean time check out the trailer for the new The |HAARP| Machine line up and jam their music below \m/

Also, Mike Semesky and Alex Rudinger are currently bringing back the band Ordinance, so check them out on their facebook page if you miss ’em.


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