While well-known labels such as Interscope Records have a roster of diverse bands, Rise Records has developed a formula. Metalcore fans have even coined a nickname for the generic sounding bands that Rise signs- “Risecore.” 

Ohio based band The Plot In You has proved the “Risecore” theory with their second album Could You Watch Your Children Burn. The violent album title mirrors the violence embedded in the majority of the tracks. 

The Plot In You utilizes the common formula for most of the album. While Landon Tewers’ vocals have improved from 2011’s First Born, his talent does not override the uninspiring lyrics and predictable breakdowns. The album acts more as an outlet of rage rather than one of empowerment. 
Opening track “Premeditated” plots and describes the murder of a rapist. The lyrics lack respectable taste and contribute to the common misconception of metal music. If the general public didn’t already consider metal music as satanic, this track will give a promising argument. 
“My heart’s racing faster than his car/ Did I stab him enough,” Tewers growls.
Fiction Religion” and “Population Control” continue the pattern of lyrics that plan murder amid sloppy choruses and persistent cursing from Tewers- something his mother should have taken care of with soap years ago. Both tracks imitate the instrumentals and vocals of fellow Rise band Like Moths To Flames’ singles “GNF” and “You Won’t Be Missed.” 
The anticipated shining moment that The Plot In You has is in the middle of Could You Watch Your Children Burn. Tracks “Troll” and “The Devil’s Contract” contribute diversity to the album. While the cursing is still embedded in the tracks, the instrumentals overshadow their abundance. The breakdowns develop a quicker tempo and Tewers’ voice became more melodic in the choruses. 

Unfortunately, the remainder of the album returns to the plain formula of the label.
“Shyann Weeps” experiments with spoken word at the beginning of the song. This attempt at the unpredictable becomes laughable as Tewers speaks sporadically through the track, resorting to F bombs again.    
Expectations for Could You Watch Your Children Burn were high and The Plot in You did not deliver. While they do possess some musical ability, they need to step outside the boundaries of the “Risecore” curse such as label mates Memphis May Fire. Until then, a bar of soap would be useful to clean up those lyrics.
– Felicia Hunt


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