The anger is strong on this album. Facedown Records’ Those Who Fear just dropped their debut full length Unholy Anger on Tuesday and you better believe it lives up to its title.
Those Who Fear self-released their EP Legacy in 2011 with a work ethic that could not be stopped. The band knew that with hard work and dedication, their hardcore Christian band would get somewhere.  Josh Schroeder at Random Awesome Studios has worked with bands such as The Burial and was ready to keep pushing Those Who Fear in the studio for this full length. 

On this album, Those Who Fear has a more rounded sound with every member contributing equally and makes it a cohesive release. The band pushes boundaries and proves that it doesn’t matter what religion you are, as long as you have the talent and drive to write and perform music.
The album finds the band exploring the darker depths of religious ideology and takes the listener on a journey of sorts. Each track delivers intense guitar riffs, consistent breakdowns, and lyrics that will make you want to mosh as you’re driving down the road.
While comparisons to The Acacia Strain have been made, Those Who Fear relies less on synth background and focuses more on delivering the heaviest breakdowns they can handle.
Honestly, Unholy Anger contains brutality beyond my expectations with crushing bass drops and fast tempered riffs that made me feel like annihilating someone in the pit would be a fantastic idea.
Those Who Fear are a band of guys who take the definition of heavy and make it heavier. The album never turns to repetition and is 40 minutes of a metal head’s dream. 

“Relentless” has to be my favorite track on the entire album. The lyrics have a meaning that resounds in your head and vocalist John Healy is definitely relentless with his screams.
Even the intermissions deliver bone crushing power with “Day Of Judgement” taking the album into a faster tempo than the previous five songs. It’s a well-produced transition that most albums in this genre lack nowadays.  
For me, “Burn” was the weakest song on the album, but not by much. No album can be absolutely perfect.
Those Who Fear will be announcing tour dates soon and I would suggest checking them out if they’re visiting your town. Unholy Anger is available on ITunes as well as on Spotify if you prefer. Keep on the lookout for this hard hitting band.   

– Felicia Hunt
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