It’s finally here. Volumes have released an intense music video for that masterpiece of a song called “Edge Of The Earth”. It’s actually a live music video filmed during their last tour with Of Mice & Men, Woe Is Me, Texas In July, and Capture The Crown. The video features a guest appearance from Hance Alligood of Woe is Me to perform clean vocals.

The band’s first music video for “Wormholes” reached more than 1,100,000 views on Youtube and the band’s popularity is quickly on the rise. “Edge Of The Earth” is definitely one of the most amazing, touching songs off the band’s memorable debut “VIA”. The official audio stream for the song hit 600,000 views on Youtube recently and it’s finally getting the official recognition it deserves through this video. Volumes are known for their energetic live performances and this video entirely shows how captivating and funny they can be on stage.

Stay tuned because the band has started on new material for a possible album release in 2013. So get stoked for the new stuff and in the mean time sing along with the “Edge Of The Earth” chorus as loud as you can!


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