Pennsylvania melodic hardcore band We The Gathered has been touring consistently throughout the past year. Regardless of their drummer recently parting ways with the band. The struggles they have faced have been numerous but this is not a band that goes without a fighting chance.  
We The Gathered are pushing forward by releasing their single “Kicking and Screaming” from their upcoming album “Daydreamers” for free. The single was posted on their Facebook Saturday night as a free download to their fans.

The single showcases the upcoming band’s potential with smooth, cascading, guitar riffs that contrast perfectly with vocalist Andy Leonard’s growls and passionate screams. I definitely wish the band could have released this track earlier so I could have had the chance to see them kill this song live (they were in Buffalo in January). “Kicking and Screaming” is the track that could propel We The Gathered further into the mainstream eye and at this rate, “Daydreamers” will become a solid release.
We The Gathered will be on tour in March in celebration of their upcoming release of “Daydreamers.” Their performance is full of energy and the comedic efforts of Leonard so it’s like two shows for the price of one. The free download of “Kicking and Screaming” is here but make sure to take a visit to their merch page. These guys work hard. 
– Fe

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