I just sat down and listened to Widek’s newest EP “Aurora Borealis”. Before this I had only heard of him through his dealings with beastly guitar virtuoso Gru. He actually shares a good bit in common with Gru. There seems to be an upcoming circle of ridiculous virtuoso style players with a spacey style and tasty delivery appearing across the world including the two mentioned, Sithu Aye and Plini (of Halcyon) among others. And when they get together, crazy shit happens. Every shredder mentioned above makes an appearance on this whirlwind EP. Just to give you an idea of the awesome moments packed into this one.

Coming out of Poland, Widek makes impressive music with a precise blend of creativity, technicality, heaviness and melody. Essentially, he drives an Instrumental, Progressive Metal project with original thinking and some experimental influence. “Aurora Borealis” is a grand showcase of an artist intent on pushing and improving his musical ability.

The content of this EP is solid. “Emission Line Spectrum” opens up the release with an eerie progression only to smack you with the edge of down tuned guitar work. It does this for a little while before fading into atmosphere to transition into the title track. “Aurora Borealis” provides some interesting rhythmic work and atmospheric ideas. However, the best part of this song are the contributions from guitarists Sithu Aye and Plini to close out the track. “Dark Matter” makes for one of the heaviest segments of the release. With a djenty backbone and tight playing, it makes for a winner. “Binary Stars” is easily one of the most melodic additions to the track list. It brings forth some creative musical ideas and a phenomenal guitar solo from fellow Polish countryman, Gru. “Skylight” is easily my favorite song off the release. Featuring intense emotion, intelligent composition, and another cameo from the amazing Gru – it makes for a great way to close things out.

To sum things up, Widek did a great job creating “Aurora Borealis”. It is a quality musical venture from this upcoming talent. What makes it even better is the fact that “Aurora Borealis” is FREE! That’s a steal and a half for some full price quality music! Go ahead, listen to some tracks above and grab the EP right here.

Rumor has it, Widek has some new music in the works for a possible 2013 release. You better keep an eye out for this guy. He has serious potential to do more big things in the future.

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