While looking around the vast internet for some more females that mosh harder than some males, I came across a symphonic metal band called Heaven Rain. The band incorporates some power metal into their sound. What’s interesting though is the band hails from Banja Luka in Bosnia, a country I never associated with metal music. 
Vocalist Miona Graorac joined the band in 2008, two years after the band’s creation. She shatters any genre stereotypes with a voice that is soothing and meshes well with her band’s instrumentals. However, Graorac knows when to turn her vocals into a gritty tone that any metal band is knowledgeable with. On “Second Sun” off of their 2012 LP of the same name, the vocalist uses her abilities to make the track memorable and reminiscent of acts such as Nightwish and Within Temptation – also female fronted. 

 Some of their songs such as “Vejte Snegovi” have no English whatsoever in the lyrics but the lyrics do not detract from their musical ability. While I would love to know what they’re saying, Graorac makes the lyrics sound passionate and delivers the melodic progressive rock style that they excel at. 

Unfortunately, the band’s Facebook is pretty quiet with only a little over 1,000 likes and sparse updates from the band. Maybe one day the world will realize the potential of this Bosnian metal act and give them some success. 
Heaven Rain is not currently touring and is still focused on their LP “Second Sun”. Hopefully, another LP or EP is in the works for this band.
– Fe