That’s right, there’s a brand new split from two of the most interesting forthcoming bands out there, North Carolina’s As Oceans and DC’s Wings Denied! After serveral delays the EP was unleashed this past Sunday, March 3rd and is now available for a “name-your-price” download on Bandcamp. Physical copies have also been released! As Oceans had already uploaded their part of the EP on their Soundcloud page a few weeks ago, long before the release date.Wings Denied had some production issues to overcome, but now the entire EP stands as one. And it makes one helluva impression/

As Oceans makes solid contributions to the EP with raw, heavy skill. If you’ve listened to their songs in the past, you have probably witnessed what they’re capable of. Their sound has remained faithful to the style of the memorable 2012 debut album “Enough Light To Warrant The Contrast”. This means you can expect fast, hard-hitting progressive metalcore riffs and lots of heavy-as-fuck breakdowns. After a short instrumental intro “Awaken the Serpent”, the first song “Witness” is just massive. It’s features some really impressive music and serves as a fast, powerful, intelligent, and precise metalcore statement which also features an amazing melodic chorus. The following track, “Requiem For The Planetary Burial”, features more skull cracking breakdowns and even more technical instrumentation.

On the other hand, we can listen to two completely different new tracks from Wings Denied: “Signs” and “Kill! Eat! Pray!”. The first one is a soft and clean song composed of great melodies and amazing prog passages, while the second is one of the heaviest song you ever heard from Wings Denied. “Kill! Eat! Pray!” is a really groovy, djentastic track.

This split EP lived up to our expectations. And of course, it’s always amazing to find some good music for free! So go support both bands by picking up the CD or downloading the EP here or here for the price of your choice!

Links: As Oceans Facebook // Soundcloud // iTunes // Bandcamp
Wings Denied Facebook // Bandcamp