“Our new shit shits on our old shit” they claimed last month. And the new shit has finally arrived. Az’Rael just released a new heavy track called “Blackest Night” exclusively through their Facebook! The song had already been released a long time ago as an instrumental, but with the new mix and vocals it’s really pushed to the next level.

This is the first track the Californian band released since their debut EP “The Reoccurring Nightmare”, a strongly recommended progressive deathcore trip released back in October 2011. It featured some very heavy tunes like “Pearl Harbor Powerbomb” and “Beast In The Back Seat”.

Trust me, this band will definitely strike you with their sharp, aggressive groove and massive sound. They’re a band we all need to watch out for! You can give a listen to their new song “Blackest Night” right here and stream / purchase their “The Recourring Nightmare” EP down below or on Bandcamp!


Links: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp