Birthing The Aftermath is a forthcoming progressive deathcore band featuring a lot of electronic and ambidjent influences. Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, they released their first album “Invasion” in November 2012. It was mainly an instrumental effort featuring some really amazing guitar riffage, continuously supported by well-calibrated synths creating an amazing atmosphere.

“Invasion” features 12 impressive instrumental tracks. Three of them (“The Nine”, “Dimensions” and “Final Solution”) also have a second version with various guest vocalists. You can even download these three tracks for free along with three more songs (“Era”, “The Aftermath” and….”Djent Halloween”!). But don’t forget that the whole thing is available for only $4.99! It’s definitely worth the small price. We can surely recommend songs like “Contact”, “The Nine”, “Overture”, “Invasion”, “Dimensions”, “The Aftermath”, “Final Solution”, and “Djent Halloween” – especially the instrumental versions.

They also just released a new EP in January called “DeathStyle”. It features a stronger electronic influence which might not be appreciated by all of you, but some of the songs like “DeathStyle IV” are amazing nevertheless.

The band has recently found a new vocalist and they’re working hard on some new shit for their new album “Ascension”! So keep an eye on these guys and go purchase their stuff on their Bandcamp if you enjoy what you’re hearing.


Links: Facebook // Youtube // Bandcamp