Carcinomic is a top notch Death Metal band with Progressive and Black Metal influences. More than that, this project is the brainchild of Sagar Nadgir, the fretless bass player from the psychedelic metal kings, Crossing The Event Horizon. Sagar’s also a Microbiologist which plays into the theme of Carcinomic’s music, primarily biology / disease themed Death Metal. Great stuff \m/

He recently released the instrumental version of his album “Opus”, which is actually still in the works. But it’s sounding very awesome, even at this stage. It’s very creative and undpredictable music. It will catch you off guard and strike in ways you won’t expect. Definitely a worthy listen. And you can actually stream the whole thing down below! And if you enjoy be on the lookout. Sagar has more up his sleeve!

While talking to Sagar, he had this to say about the album, “Here’s an album that’s been in the works for 5-6 years now under my brainchild, Carcinomic. Thematically speaking Opus is a story about the human relationships with nature and surroundings from a biologist’s perspective. The music kind of has a flow from being noisy and discordant, to a more melodic side of my work, implying the story has an exploration of present state, collapse from a natural or manmade disaster, a genetic bottleneck for a potentially new species, how it will affect new beings, and finally the melodic yet indecisive/open ended look at the future. I’m also asking the questions pertaining to where we as the human race would stand; would our genetic code be so different, how does religion and spirituality play into it, etc. typical hippie shit, but with science behind it at least…”

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