From Leeds, UK comes brutality and death to speakers near you. Cognizance, the technical death metal duo introduces “Inquisition”, a furious 4 track EP featuring Alex Rudinger (The Faceless, The HAARP Machine) as the studio drummer. Also featured on certain tracks are vocalist Aaron Matts (Betraying The Martyrs) and guitarist Scott Carstairs (Fallujah).

In early 2012, guitarist Ballie and vocalist Price birthed the tech-death project, Cognizance. Not currently a performing band due to the line-up. They snagged Rudiger for recording purposes, which was an appropriate move considering the speed in which Ballie writes. Aside from the darkness of it all, the guitar has a way of flashing lightning bolts of melody through riffs. Cognizance is a must for fans of Burning The Masses, Fleshwrought, Fallujah, and Beneath The Massacre.

– Tyler Dermitt

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