Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has been gifted with a talented group of young musicians; Delusions of Grandeur. And as promised, Delusions of Grandeur have gifted us with the amazing “Efficacy”! In return, they were just signed by our good friends over at Subliminal Groove Records!

Recently, “Efficacy” has been just as much of a curse as it has been a gift, because I cannot stop jamming down to it! Respectable creativity spews from all apertures of these 7 tracks! Heavy progressive metal is Delusions of Grandeur’s formula but they work within a structure of their very own. Efficacy dabs on seemingly every department of their genre, showcasing mastery of imaginative guitar work, atmospheric vibes, the groove-flow, harmonious keyboard effects and of course an all around heaviness. D.O.G. has the ability to appeal to any ears that get their hands on them.

Each track has unique components that make them memorable. “noname” opens the EP with a chilling intro, the suspense here grows with each re-play, anticipating the songs to come. “Humdinger” beats on a catchy progressing stomp down that makes reappearances staggered around nasty riffs and underneath ‘part 3’ of a tasty solo. Album openers “nonname” and “Humdinger” are two attention grabbing tracks that bust the gate off of its hinges, permitting the rest of Efficacy to unravel. On an album of songs with rather flawless structure, “Quantum,” competes as one of the best put together tracks. The bass has a remarkable presence throughout Efficacy, but has major sex-appeal in “Quantum.” “Dan” and “Hibernation” are riddled with fun, skillful guitar work. “pretty song” and “Skyride” depict the artistic ability the guitars have, and allow the influences of early metal guitarists to softly beam through. The majestic departure of Efficacy leaves me with contradictory thoughts…a true musical satisfaction and the longing for more D.O.G.  

My first play through of Efficacy occurred during a session Halo 4 multiplayer, which made for an incomprehensible time! I most likely got pwned like a n00b by the middle-school demographic, but trust me, as I let D.O.G. spin I felt like I had the powers of Master Chief running through me. The spacey undertone Efficacy contains went great with Halo. For the gamers out there…allow Delusions of Grandeur to enhance your favorite video game. It doesn’t stop there. For the juicers…allow Delusions of Grandeur to pump you up at the gym. For all delivery men and women…pizza, newspaper and obstetricians alike…go ahead and throw on “Efficacy” during the next delivery for a stellar experience.

“Efficacy” has value because it has layers. There are many little rewards to those who listen deep under the captivating rhythms. These rewards come in many forms; bass tappings, electronic ambiance, subliminal guitar tricks and wonderfully mixed multi-voice vocals. The vocal range on “Efficacy” is certainly admirable. When I thought I heard the highest pitch scream on the album, I was hit with another, and dido for the low ends..
Despite the newly released “Efficacy”, Delusions of Grandeur announced on facebook they are currently on the hunt for members to fill their empty slots… hehe…any drummers or bass players that may be interested in getting dirty with D.O.G. can contact them through their facebook page.  To the rest… Take the time to give them a listen for your own benefit. Get on this band’s wagon.
– Tyler Dermitt