Early Man, is a traditional heavy metal band who’s been going since 2003. They’re asking for pledges to help fund their new album through IndieGogo. The band is best known for their releases “Closing In” and “Death Potion. They’re currently without a record label and hoping that with fan support they can release a new album. On the subject, Mike Conte, vocalist/guitarist of Early Man says “After many years spent recording full length records on larger labels we’ve decided to take a DIY approach with this record. We have all of the tools at our disposal necessary to make an amazing record, including songs that are already written. We want to make that record free of any outside involvement from labels, managers, producers, etc.”

What do you get for pledging money towards the new record? Early Man has set up a series of perks through IndieGoGo that make supporting them feel more like a pre-order rather than a donation. The perks vary wildly depending on how much you pledge. Some perks include: A Cd/Signed Poster bundle, writing lyrics for your own personalized song, autographed vinyl records, attending the listening party, recording a solo for the album, guitar lessons, and even having Early Man record an acoustic cover of any song you can think of.

“…Our first record Closing In put us in the hole about $150,000 BEFORE it even came out and the second one Death Potion, about $50,000 BEFORE it was out. We still haven’t recouped on tens of thousands of dollars on both of those records. This record, however, will be a refreshing change of pace.” -Mike Conte

Any support is appreciated and will go directly towards funding Early Man’s new album. Why buy merch with an unnecessary middleman when you can make sure the artist gets the money directly? You can help make this Early Man record a reality right here!

– Daniel Tilford

Links: Facebook // Official Website // iTunes