If you’re looking for more metalcore to add to your music arsenal, Fit For A King is it. The highly anticipated album “Creation|Destruction” dropped on March 12 through Solid State Records and has generated internet buzz everywhere. After releasing their first album “Descendants” and garnering a good amount of success and talk, the texas metalcore outfit knew they had to continue making new music.

Unfortunately, Fit For A King is stuck in a genre that is predictable. So while the album doesn’t bring a shocking amount of new talent to the table, if you like metalcore you’re going to love “Creation|Destruction.”

Like I noted in my piece on the CD Release tour, Fit For A King demonstrates great musicianship through the predictability that is metalcore. The aggressive chugging verses followed by screams, a clean sing along chorus, and a breakdown with a tagline is apparent in most of the album. However, the formula works and fans are still going to shows and buying/pirating the music not for the diversity of metalcore but for the musicianship and the lyrics.

“Skin & Bones” is one of my favorite tracks on “Creation|Destruction.” While I have a passion for breakdowns, sometimes I like to step back and listen to some calmer tracks. “Skin & Bones” displays that a metalcore band can do something different and show a softer side. They’re playing the game right by appealing to different demographics. We’ve all had a girlfriend or boyfriend who won’t go to shows because they hate that “screamo” crap. But with Fit For A King, they offer a slight diversity with this song that contains only clean vocals.

I’m not a fan of “The Resistance” and “Identity” as the beginning chords and stuttering electronic accents sound almost the exact same and I thought my Spotify was on repeat. While the lyrics Fit For A King wrote continue to target certain demographics, the instrumentals in these two tracks didn’t impress me as much as the rest of the album.

“Warpath” and “Bitter End” have continued to be popular singles with the band’s fan base. Again, the metalcore formula works and draws people in. Plus, seeing Fit For A King perform these songs live would be nuts. I can see it now as kids try to grab vocalist Ryan Kirby’s mic to scream and sing their hearts out. Having these types of tracks is beneficial for live performance appeal.

While Fit For A King didn’t deviate from their genre much, “Creation|Destruction” is a solid album that will generate more buzz. I guarantee you’ll be hearing more from them – they’re touring with The Plot In You next month which will increase their fan base even more. Get used to it.


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