Some smashing djent djust djropped late last week. Anup Sastry, known for being the drummer for Jeff Loomis, Intervals, and Skyharbor, released his debut solo album “Ghost” and you can clearly hear from the very first track “Legend” that this is some of the heaviest, most groovy music released in 2013 so far! The guitar riffage is fast, crazy, and irresistably bouncy, while the drums are clearly insane. 

The album was written, recorded, and produced by Anup himself. The quality of the production is actually amazing considering Anup programmed the guitars and bass, but obviously played the drums personally. Tracks like “Legend”, “Limitless”, “Ghost”, or “Reflex” will literally blow your mind, so you better go give the album a listen now on Bandcamp! To make it even better, this phenomenal album is available for a “name-your price” download! Don’t wait any longer, people!