Bend The Sky is an amazing Symphonic/Progressive metal quartet hailing from Perth, Australia. Their debut album “Origins” is a dreamy instrumental journey that will bring you to the extreme borders of imagination. Their music is mainly based around ambiance and atmosphere perfectly created with synths and beautiful orchestral insets.

The band doesn’t stray from heavy, complex guitar sections, but the elements that make “Origins” an exquisite musical experience are the intense and deep sensations they’re able to evoke through their musical composition. This is an epic and magical aural adventure that will make your body and mind levitate through space to touch on distant planets through amazing soundscapes. Your mind needs to go through this album and witness the beautiful passages of songs like “Tempest”, “Glaciers”, “Concinnity”, and “A Mindful Wave”. So go give it a listen below and don’t forget that it’s all available for free download on Bandcamp!!

The big news is that they recently uploaded a trailer for their new EP “Observatory”, coming out on March 31, 2013. Check it out below the stream. It is looking pretty damn amazing. And to make it even better, the EP will be available for a free download on their Bandcamp as well. Get ready!


Links: Facebook // Youtube // Bandcamp