Hello heavy. Towers is a progressive/death metal band from NY that knows how to start a mosh pit and keep it going. They recently posted the link to download their 2011 debut EP for FREE here.
“Revenant” embodies all the elements that a metal band should have. Vocalist Cody Smith’s screams and growls are consistently spot on and make you want to try to hit those notes. Trust me, it’s not easy. I ended up embarrassing myself in front of my roommates. Smith’s vocals pound alongside Matt Kohanowski’s drums, Mark Call’s bass skills, and Anthony Madara’s and Berardinelli’s crushing riffs.

Towers also released their newest single “Malice Hands” for free as well at this link here. Take a listen and download away, might as well right? Towers is currently on tour with Dweller and they hit Buffalo April 6 so perhaps I’ll go.


Links: Facebook // Twitter // Youtube // FREE DOWNLOAD