Since finding new music is always fun, I decided to check out the demo that deathcore band Into The Flood just released. “Sufferer” will be on the band’s upcoming debut album through Century Media and honestly, it took me by surprise. 
Usually I don’t have a strong opinion on demos. The Seattle, Washington band is just starting out and getting into the groove of things. I figure it’s unfair to judge a band on one song.  However, “Sufferer” made me lean on the “OK, this band is going places” side. 
While I’m not a huge fan of the higher range screams, Brendan Wilson’s low range is brutal. It’s difficult to try and pinpoint one major influence in their sound but overall, they manage to make it work. At 2:50 is my favorite part of “Sufferer” with Jacob Sacquitne’s and Justin Thacker’s guitars competing against one another to the finish line of the song. The composition works and is unique. I don’t think I’ve heard much of it in recent metalcore attempts. 
After listening to “Sufferer”, I also found another song by Into The Flood titled “The Destroyer.” The music video showcases a consistent energy that I would assume translates into their live set. While it did not capture my attention as much as the demo, “The Destroyer” kept my views positive. 
The demo is certainly not perfect (I really am not feeling those high screams) but it serves as a benchmark for Into The Flood. I eagerly await to hear more from them so I can fairly judge their overall sound.
 You can listen to / download “Sufferer” here on Soundcloud.
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