Warning: potentially dangerous or even painful Swedish music! Listeners / readers discretion is advised.

Here we go with another incredibly heavy Swedish band with a very long and unusual name. MTWHDTDTISC, who’s full name is actually “Maybe That’s Why Humans Drink The Darkness That Is Coffee” (wooh…took a few minutes to write this), is a four-piece band hailing from Stockholm who is delivering a huge amount of THALL.

Their music sounds like an experimental mix of Vildhjarta’s ambidjent and Sikth’s insane mathcore with some small but smart electronic hints. The whole thing is combined with death, black, and symphonic metal influences. Huge stuff, believe me.

Their first release “Window To The World” came out in August 2012, featuring 7 tracks, but we can consider it a full-length album since the songs are all pretty long. For example, “The Sanest Sentence” lasts 12 minutes… almost as long as their band name. Some of the instrumental segments are incredibly insane, creating brilliant sounds that will drag you through the depths of dark and creepy atmospheres.

You can stream “Window To The World” below and grab it on the MTWHDTDTISC Bandcamp. Also brace yourselves for their new EP entitled “Dum” which drops on June 7th! Such a short album name to balance such a long band name hehe… Seriously though, give their stuff a listen or twelve and check out the trailer for their new album! THALL.


Links: Facebook // Youtube // Bandcamp