I know this isn’t brand new, but it’s still worth sharing. The UK’s very own Monuments have been making quite a name for themselves over the past year or so as they’ve successfully spread their sound all across the metal underground and back. They play super groovy, ambient, djent styled music with a very progressive, out of the box approach.

This is more than apparent on their debut full-length, “Gnosis”. You can read our full review for that album right here. It’s a solid album worth your attention.

In support of “Gnosis”, they have officially released two music videos. The kaleidoscope video for the “97% Static” single premiered months back, but just a little over a week ago the second video for the song “Regenerate” was unveiled. It’s a live video taking some unconventional twists with go pros and such. All in all, it’s awesome \m/ You can check out both videos below along with another track off Gnosis just below.

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