Looking back, it’s hard to believe the immense steps No Consequence’s been making since their debut album “In The Shadow of Gods”, released in 2009. It seems waiting 4 years to release a new album was the best thing this band could do, taking all the time they needed to grow, evolve their sound, gain experience, and end up packing this amazing new product. “IO” is a brilliant album which has what it takes to bring No Consequence to the highest level in this scene. They managed to create an original and unique sound with crazy and irresistible grooves which show they’re now ready to be recognized among the big names of the UK’s modern progressive metal front. And the wise English label Basick Records had the foresight of believing in these guys and giving them the chance to release “IO”, an album you all should listen to.

The band immediately reveals themselves as a much more mature band compared with the one that released “In The Shadow Of The Gods”. They deliver a fast musical assault from the very first song “So Close To Nowhere” which you might have already heard. “Name Your Price”, “All That’s Left”, and “Enemy Of Logic” all bring incredible guitar riffage built with a good balance between complexity, power, and groove, all supported by a unique and original tone. Every song also features memorable and deep melodic segments, more so in some songs than others but it still shines through regardless. A small break is brought by the fifth track “Ether”. It’s a small atmospheric hint intent on leaving the listener floating in a daydream. But it also prepares them for the powerful attack of one of the heaviest tracks of the album, “Bury The Debt”, which is still crossed by the same kind of melodies and light atmospheres.

Atmospheres and melodies can be found again in the seventh track “Sentinent”, a six minute metal ballad driven by incredible vocals. The song keeps growing in intensity and soon it explodes in the final two heavy minutes without escaping that faint, but beautiful nebulous atmosphere. This owns the whole album, playing a very relevant role in the final result. Definetly one of the most memorable episodes of the album, followed by more huge tunes: “Illusion Of Choice”, the fantasitc first signle “Corce:Conform”, the small and groovy instrumental “What Is Dead May Never Die”, and “Vela”. In this series of songs, No Consequence unleash some of their craziest riffs and sickest breakdowns. The closure of the album is commited to the song “Unify” and it’s amazing outro supported by unforgettable guitar passages and perfect vocals.

This hell of an album drops on April 1st. But in the meantime you can stream it for free at punkastic.com, so you better go give it a listen ASAP and start thinking of pre-oredering it at the Basick Records store. This band has a very bright future ahead of them.

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