You might have heard of this guys recently, but if you haven’t you better check ’em out below. Polyphia is an upcoming band out of Texas who’s building a good fan base in the underground metal scene thanks to the huge talent and creativity they’ve shown in their work. This includes the track “Trascend” and their first EP “Resurrect”.

These guys know how to SHRED. The whole musical unit shows amazing skill! This is one of those bands that might really go far. They’re currently holding auditions for a high talent vocalist to elevate and put that extra *umph* into their amazing music. They’re looking exclusively for clean vocals, so if you think you’ve got what it takes check out the vocalist guideline video they uploaded on their YouTube channel here.

In the meantime, they’re going to release a new instrumental EP called “Inspire” which will be available on April 21st and will feature some new songs including their latest track “Impassion”. The single was just uploaded to their YouTube channel on Monday. Check out “Impassion” below among with a first look trailer for their new EP. Pre-orders are availible here! Additional ones will be available on April 8th! Also check out their Youtube channel to experience the magic these guys are capable of creating!


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