From the opening notes of “Reality Redefined,” it’s obvious that Portuguese death metal group Remaining Chaos adds melodic and symphonic influences to their sound. While the band’s EP “A New Silence” is not exactly new (it was released in November), it demonstrates the correct use of symphonic elements without having those elements take complete control. Remember, balance and moderation is key and Remaining Chaos have a pretty decent hold on these techniques.

The seven track EP goes by too fast. All of the tracks fit with one another and give the listener an enjoyable half hour of foot tapping drums, powerhouse vocals, and guitar riffs. “Image” and “Equivalence” are my favorite tracks on the whole EP with vocalist Pedro Vitorino consistently screaming the lyrics to the best of his ability. He continues to control his range through the release but showcases his raspy growls the most on these two standout tracks. The addition of choir like symphonic voices are reminiscent of bands such as Within Temptation and Leaves Eyes but Remaining Chaos knows how to keep it heavy with a hint of a breakdown in “Equivalence.” 

The EP closes out with an orchestra only version of “Requiem” that summarizes the band’s influences in the previous six tracks. Perhaps in the future, Remaining Chaos can include orchestra versions of other tracks. It’s quite nice to listen to before bed.
Remaining Chaos has a straightforward message with “A New Silence.” They introduce themselves to the world as a hard hitting metal band who know when to be game changers. They are definitely not silent and I’m looking forward to their future in the music scene. 
You can download the EP in its entirety here for 5 euros as well as download the free tracks. 

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