Welcome to the fourth installment of our Golden God Award predictions. Voting closes in about a month so feel free to look at the past installments if you haven’t done so already. And now, drumroll please…

Best Vocalist

Chino Moreno – Deftones
Chris Cornell – Soundgarden
Corey Taylor – Stone Sour/ Slipknot
Maria Brink – In This Moment
Phil Anselmo – Down
Lzzy Hale – Halestorm

Fe’s Predictions

The nominees are getting better and better. I don’t have anything to complain about in this category. All of the vocalists have proved themselves to the metal community over the past few years or so so congrats to them.

Honestly, if we are treating this awards show as a popularity contest, I think Lzzy Hale will walk away with the win. Sure, her vocals are strong and she’s a looker but is Halestorm really making any groundbreaking progress?

I would be content with anyone in this category winning but in all honesty either Chino Moreno or Maria Brink deserves this one. Deftones will always be a solid band and Maria Brink (as mentioned in last week’s Women Who Mosh) obviously has a great talent.

Mike Thall’s Predictions

There’s some decent talent here but it’s not a very hard decision for me… CHINO! Deftones had a huge year and are continuing to push forward like the pros they are. Chino Moreno serves not only as a front man, but as one of the major forces driving the band. He deserves major respect for his efforts.

Best Live Band

Five Finger Death Punch
Lamb Of God

Fe’s Predictions

While I’ve never had the great opportunity of seeing these bands live, I’ve heard stories of the incredible shows they put on. They pack venues to full capacity and leave fans begging for more.

I can’t really judge in this category because I’ve never had the experience, but I have a feeling Hatebreed or Anthrax will take the award. Anthrax has been around forever and I’m sure many generations of fans will be voting for the band. I know Hatebreed is touring with Everytime I Die (Buffalo for the win) and I’m sure I will get to experience their show. From watching YouTube videos, I feel like all of these bands bring mind blowing sets to their fans.

Mike Thall’s Predictions

Though I’m not the biggest fan of some of these bands *cough*FiveFingerDeathPunch*cough*, I can’t deny their ability to deliver a big, entertaining live performance. Of these bands, I’ve seen Hatebreed and Lamb of God live. Both shows were awesome so those would be my personal picks. But in reality, I see either Anthrax or Slipknot taking the prize due to their legions of loyal fans.

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