This is it, the last three categories for the Golden Gods. I hope that Mike and I have helped you decided who will be getting your vote this year. Don’t forget to tune in to see who wins and to see Metallica, Tony Iommi, and Rob Zombie receive achievement awards. The Golden Gods will air May 2 on AXS TV as well as Facebook and Xbox Live. 

Paul Gray Best Bassist

Geddy Lee – Rush
Jason Newsted – Newsted
Lemmy Kilmister – Motorhead
Rex Brown – Kill Devil Hill
Sergio Vega – Deftones
Steve Harris – Iron Maiden

Fe’s Predictions

This award named after the deceased Paul Gray of Slipknot is truly an honor. Any of these nominees would deserve it. While my friends joke that bassists don’t do anything for the band, I disagree. All of these men have proved that the bass is a staple in any band. This category definitely has veterans so it’s hard to pick a winner.

If I had to pick, I think Steve Harris should walk away with the win. Iron Maiden is legendary and rocks hard, anyone knows that. I think that it will be a close pick between Harris and Geddy Lee of Rush though as his band is also well known and he rocks just as hard.

Mike Thall’s Predictions

Everyone here is worthy of bass slappin’ award. I’m betting either Lemmy, Geddy, or Steve Harris will walk away with it. But I’d really like to see Steve take home the prize. IRONS UP! \m/

Most Dedicated Fans

A Day To Remember
Black Label Society
Black Veil Brides

Fe’s Predictions

This category will be a battle. Every fan base has their own notion of who is dedicated the most and every band knows a few super dedicated fans that might creep them out a little. Regardless, without these fans, these bands would not be as popular as they are. Let’s be real though. A Day To Remember or Black Veil Brides will most likely take this one. Having a super obsessive fan base helps them here.

I would love to see Rammstein have the upset though or even HIM. These bands have been around for a while and still have a solid fan base. That is true dedication in my honest opinion.

Mike Thall’s Predictions

Please… anyone but Black Veil Brides… This is another “meh” category from the Golden Gods. Nothing too exciting here. As Fe said, certain bands are much more inclined to win due to obsessive fan bases. In reality, I’m betting either Slipknot’s maggots, A Day To Remember, or the emo children will win. But it would be awesome to see Black Label Society claim victory.

Most Metal Athlete

CJ Wilson- MLB LA Angels
Clay Guida- MMA/ UFC
Geoff Rowley- Skateboarding
Tanner Foust- Rally and drift car racing
Tom Crabtree- NFL Green Day Packers
Triple H- WWE

Fe’s Predictions

Coming from Buffalo, I have a guilty pleasure for the NHL. Hockey is pretty metal, have you seen the beatings some of them take? Anyways, while I don’t follow too many sports I can easily narrow down the winner for this category. To be a metal athlete, your sport has to be pretty tough. Therefore, I would either pick Triple H or Clay Guida to take home this last award.

Yes, the WWE might be deemed as a soap opera, but Triple H is pretty badass you can’t deny that. I would be content with him or Guida winning this one. Taking a hit is pretty metal. Catching balls… not so much.

Mike Thall’s Predictions

Baseball – not metal at all. Football – not metal (except for the hardcore tackles). Pretend, scripted wrestling – definitely not metal. Rally and drift racing – relatively metal if they crash. Skateboarding – kinda metal. Beating someones face in through Mixed Martial Arts – VERY FUCKING METAL \m/

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