With years of member changes, name changes, and a five year hiatus, Swedish death/thrash metal rockers The Crown have been through it all. The veteran band recently announced they will be touring Japan for this first time ever and is in the process of recording the follow up album to 2010’s “Doomsday King.”

The untitled album is slated for a late 2013 release and the rhythm guitar segments are pretty much completed with bass parts being started according to the band. The return of the legendary band also comes with another new member. Robin Sorqvist from Impious is the new lead guitarist for The Crown and will hopefully be a permanent fixture.

“The Spring Is Gone” Tour will begin in Sendai Japan on June 11 and conclude on June 16 in Tokyo. This is more or less a six day whirlwind tour but what is more metal than that? The Crown will be on this tour with Gorod, Gotsu Totsu Kotshi, Hypocras, As Silence Breaks, and Create/Destroy. Fan in Japan, this is a show you will not want to miss.

June 11 – Sendai – Flying Son
June 12 – Nagoya – Imaike 3 Stars
June 13 – Osaka – Pangea
June 14 – Fukuoka – Graf
June 15 – Shizuoka – Sunash
June 16 – Tokyo – Cyclone

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