The Drake Equation is a Swedish band with a lot of potential. They’re a modern progressive metal band from Västerås melting together djent with some strong electronic and pop influences. They also find a good balance between the new underground metal proposals and a modern mainstream metalcore styles. 

They had already released an EP in 2011 but they’ve been making huge steps in the last few years, getting to share the stage with acts like The Haunted and Adept. They’ve also been picked up by Shawn Spann’s (from I The Breather) management group, Creation Artist Development. And now they just emerged from the studio with their new EP “Variables” which is scheduled to be released on April 23rd, 2013.

You can give them a listen through the tracks below – a really cool video for the song “One Step Alone” and a video stream for the track “Judgement”. If you’re enjoying these songs go show them some love on their Facebook page, where you can also give a listen to some of their older tracks. Watch out for this band!