The Korea have a BRAND NEW EP dropping March 25th. That’s right, I’m talking about tomorrow. Go ahead and check out the Preview right here

In honor of the upcoming “Saturnus” EP, we’re going to be taking a look back at the album that put The Korea on the map (see what I did there?), last year’s “Chariots of the Gods”. When this record was let loose in the metal underground, it spread like wildfire earning international recognition. Now The Korea are signed to Rogue Records America and are easily one of the biggest modern metal band in all of Russia, if not the biggest. (Not sure if this is a metal review or an international conference…)

Russia’s Secret Weapon is… teabagging. Russian scientists figured out if they got a heavy as hell band to teabag enough, the world would explode. You can see it for yourself in the “Chaos Theory” video above. But in all seriousness, this up and coming band must open some insane pits overseas with their skull crushing, chaotic take on the djent style.

“Chariots of the Gods” is opened with the soft tones of a forgotten language and a surrounding atmosphere. “Cobra” has an eerie way of kicking things off and that sense is pushed further when joined by a ringing guitar (similar to Tesseract or Monuments) and the voice of Ilya Sannikov. Then the groooooovin begins with the fury of a scream. You can expect a good bit of this as the record progresses. Grooves, breaks, and technicality are a huge part of this albums sound. So if you live for teh chug, your ears should feel right at home. Standout tracks like “Waterline”, “Chaos Theory”, “Armada”, and “Zombie” will pummel you with rhythmical, low tuned aural assaults. The band does take breaks through interludes such as “Neva” which especially stands out with some unexpected instrumentation.

This is a great album, no doubt. But it does have it’s flaws. The most apparent being it’s general lack of originality, with the exception of a couple segments here and there. In all fairness, this record was released at the very beginning of last year, but it does fall straight in several of the djent stereotypes faithfully. Other than that it’s really just minor flaws.

Give a good listen to the tracks above and learn about Russia’s Secret Weapon. If you want some more, you can go ahead and grab “Chariots of the Gods” right here and prepare yourself for the arrival of “Saturnus” tomorrow with a pre-order here! This band brings a lot of skill to the table and it should be great to see how they progress from their debut to the EP.

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