Mark this band’s name, ’cause The Wrath Of Vesuvius have face smashing music on the way for all of you! They’re a technical deathcore unit hailing from Manteca/San Jose, CA. You can get an idea of what this band is able to do from the 2012 demo version of their single “Revelation” which can be streamed below. It will show you the potential these guys have through a huge sound, powerful riffage, insane breakdowns, and some really furious sections. That song is chalk full of time-changes, displaying the various elements they’re capable of combining in a single song, ranging from slower parts to extremely fast and aggressive segments.
Don’t forget you can also listen to their previous release “Portals Through Ophiuchus” on their Bandcamp page here. It’s kinda groovy and moshable. Okay… it’s very groovy and moshable.

Their new full-length “Revelation” is scheduled to be released sometime this year via Rite Of Passage Records, so keep an eye on this band and expect huge things from them!




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