Decided to take a detour this Thursday with a band that is funny and controversial alike. GWAR are well known for their thrashy, punk infused sound and comedic, blood soaked approach. Posing as horror / sci-fi creatures from another plaent intent on conquering humanity, they pulverize eardrums with rolling heaviness and raunchy lyrics to sing along with.

These guys could easily fall under the category of shock rock with their outlandish themes and legendary, gory live performances. Actually it’s largely thanks to the live shows that GWAR are where they are now. Including everything from geysers of fake blood to fire dancing rituals and beyond, they provide some good fun. No matter what day you catch them on, it’s quite the spectacle

GWAR have been going strong ever since 1984. They’ve officially released a total of twelve studio albums over the years and don’t seem to be intent on slowing their roll anytime soon. More power to them! And more blood soaked shows to go!

Speak of the devil, you can go ahead and get a glimpse of a GWAR show down below along with two music videos. Great stuff \m/

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