I had the pleasure of witnessing Slayer front row once. It was like seeing the apocalypse on stage! The heat of pyrotechnics joined by the might of the trash melted the audience as Slayer commanded the stage along with our ears. Good times! If you haven’t seem them, I suggest you do so before this happens. 

Well before that particular show ever happened, Slayer had been dominating the globe with their aggressive brand of Thrash Metal. It all started with “Show No Mercy” back in 1983 and kept rolling until Slayer had the “World Painted Blood” in 2009. Between those albums, all kinds of greatness came to life (or death \m/) through the hands of guitarists Kerry King and Jeff Hannemann, vocalist / bassist Tom Araya (ironically Catholic), and beast of the drum kit Dave Lombardo. Albums such as “Reign In Blood”, “Hell Awaits”, “Seasons in the Abyss, and “South of Heaven” arose from hell to blow out the ear drums of mortals with countless classics such as the title tracks, “Angel of Death”, “War Ensemble”, “Disciple”, “Mandatory Suicide”, and “Black Magic” just to name a few.

These men are recognized as icons to metalheads from all walks of life. They rightfully hold the title of being one of “The Big Four” to come out of musical darkness of the 80’s along with Anthrax, Megadeth, and Metallica. All of which are still going today. Hell, they’ve even won Grammys (even if the Grammy Awards generally suck).

And it looks like Slayer will push on into the future. Word of a new album has been surfacing over the past couple years. Definitely something to look forward to! But in the mean time, blast the “Slayyyyyyyyyyyyyyer!” classics below.

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